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Based on 194 reviews

Great way to get my mushrooms on the go!

"I've been using FlowState for about 6 months now. They help me get my brain in gear for the day and sometimes I'll take them in the afternoon if I'm feeling slumpy.

My only issue was that I live in Florida and when they arrived, they had gotten hot and stuck to each other. It's not the companies fault, but I do keep them in the fridge to make it easier to get the gummy out! Great product!"

Ben A.

Not bad...

"I was initially skeptical about trying Mushroom Coffee, but I'm so glad I did. Not only does it taste great, but I noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity and focus after drinking it. I'm able to power through my workday without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. This is definitely my new go-to coffee!"

Tiffany K.

This was initially sent to me by my best friend as a gift for my birthday

"I suffer from anxiety and often have trouble finding a coffee that doesn't make my symptoms worse. That's why I was excited to try Mushroom Coffee, and I'm so happy I did. It gives me the boost of energy I need to get through the day, while also improving my mental clarity and reducing my anxiety. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a healthier and more balanced coffee option."

Tyler F.

5 stars

"I just want to say that this is hands down the best alternative to regular coffee I’ve had. I have adhd and anxiety and normally coffee makes me jittery and even more anxious. It’s creamy and I add a little sugar and creamer and it tastes amazing."

Rebecca J.

Energy, focus, memory, immune system

"First I want to thank the creators at FlowState for not only this product but the education that they maintain for free through their website, habit tracker and emails. I am a huge fan. I noticed results the first few days taking it and it only gets better and better. My workouts have gotten better pumps, recovery time and endurance. My mood, focus and energy have gone through the roof. Thank you so much for the amazing product and educational resources!"


great product

"These are very convenient. I don't need a drink to mix a powder with or to swallow a pill. I love that the extract is from the fruiting body. I do feel more energy, not sure if that's a placebo but I will definitely be taking more of these. Only con is they stick together so a bit hard to get out of the bottle. No big deal. I would rather dig them out than have them coated in a chemical that I don't want in my body."


Smooth and delicious

"I never write reviews but really had to! I am a coffee snob and was reluctant to try this. I was pleasantly surprised and this is my new favorite. I won’t be drinking everyday because of the price, but highly recommend!"


Turkey tail

An all-natural immunomodolation remedy that is scientifically proven to increase antioxidant and immune functions in the body

cognitive Performance

Lion's Mane

The only natural cognitive enhancer proven to repair nerve damage and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression

energy & libido


From improved energy levels to enhanced libido, Cordyceps increases endurance, cardio and boosts sleep quality



A natural remedy proven to fight fatigue, leading to increased awareness, greater mental focus and reduced tiredness

cardiovascular health


A rich source of dietary fiber which reduces bad cholesterol levels aiding in cardiovascular health abd reducing inflammation

weight loss


A source of various B vitamins that increase energy production in our cells, increased mental clarity and enhances mood



A potent and natural antioxidant know for its powerful anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties


Royal sun

A natural substance which has been proven effective against autoimmune disorders and allergies without nasty side-effects

gut health

White button

One of the only non-animal food sources naturally rich in lovastatin, an important inhibitor of cholesterol production

Learn more about the science behind the functional mushrooms and uncover the surprising secrets of mushrooms that could enhance your overall wellness.


Enter FlowState.

Discover the enchanting world of adaptogenic fungi, nature's own immune therapists, brimming with the remarkable beta glucans. These complex compounds intuitively sync with your immunity, deciphering your body's needs on a cellular level.

cGMP & FDA registered facility Made of all-natural, US-grown, batch-tested ingredients in a cGMP & FDA registered facility.
Science and Nature Approved For many millennia our ancestors have harnessed the power of adaptogenic fungi. Now, modern scientific validates their time-tested wisdom
30-day guarantee We have a no-questions-asked refund policy. Just drop us a message and consider it done.
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